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Events & Special Occasions

Looking for a neon sign for your birthday party? Your anniversaries? Your wedding? Outside your store or in your office?

Check out our Events collection or Customize one of your own! Whether you need —you'll find it here. We have everything you need to make sure people don't forget about the most important day of your life.


Home Decor
Save 30%
Heart Neon Sign
From $130.00 $185.00
Neon Santa Claus
Save 42%
Santa Claus Neon Sign
$109.00 $189.00
Grinch Neon Sign
Save 20%
The Grinch Neon Sign
$215.00 $269.00
Neon Wall Light
Save 23%
Neon Christmas Ornaments
Save 40%
Christmas Neon Light
Save 41%
Rainbow Neon Light
Save 30%
Christmas Eiffel Tower neon sign
Save 30%
the staff led neon sign with color of red, green, and yellow
Save 40%
Christmas Staff Neon Sign
From $59.00 $99.00
Neon Reindeer Sign
Save 50%
Reindeer Neon Sign
$105.00 $210.00
Neon Christmas Sign
Save 35%
Neon Xmas Tree
Save 41%
Xmas Tree Neon Sign
$99.00 $169.00
Neon Signs For Bedroom
hot pink good vibes led neon sign
party time led neon sign
white happy birthday led neon sign
happy birthday led neon sign
happy birthday led neon sign
white open neon sign
Open Neon Sign
From $179.00
yellow led none sign of text hello
Hello Neon Sign
From $191.00
love neon sign pink
Save 30%
Love Neon Sign
From $155.00 $221.00
Bedroom Neon Led Lights
we are married neon sign pink
a warm white led neon sign of text Runaway with me