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Whether you're getting married in a church, on a beach, or in your backyard, a wedding neon sign will be the perfect way to express your love. It's shinning, it's fun, and it's unique!

What do you want to say to her/him? Whether it's something like "It was always you!" or "We are married!" or just a simple "Love". We have wedding neon signs in many colors and style imaginable, so let's find out something that fits perfectly with your personality and wedding theme.

The best part? You can even personalize your own neon sign however you'd like. If you're not sure where to start, we have some semi-custom neon sign for you. For example, a heart shaped wedding neon sign in your initials, or maybe your family name.


Home Decor
white cat lovers led neon sign
Hearts Neon Sign
From $215.00
Bedroom Neon Led Lights
we are married neon sign pink
a warm white led neon sign of text Runaway with me
love neon sign pink
Save 30%
Love Neon Sign
From $260.00 $370.00
Hearts Neon Sign
From $315.00
Save 30%
Heart Neon Sign
From $218.00 $310.00