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custom your neon

What can I customize? : You can basically customize anything! 
For text only LED neon signs, try out our custom neon generator with 21 colors and 20 fonts available in different sizes.
For something more unique for your home, office, business or any occasion, we offer free design service, so just let us know your idea and we'll make it happen!

How many colors are available?
We have a total of 21 options with colored or white neon jacket to select from.Colors in the "Color Jacket" column below are colored no matter the light is on or off.Colors in the "White Jacket" column below are colored when the light is on and white when the light is off.

How many fonts are available?
We have 20 fonts in our custom tool, including cursive, stylistic, block and double lined fonts. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us and let us know what you like. Though it’s the best to use monoline (equal width) fonts due to the characteristic of LED neon strips.

Can I get a multicolor LED neon signs?
Yes,you can! Other than the products that come with multicolor in our shop, you can also contact us to make your own multicolor LED neon signs.

Can I get a LED neon sign that is flickering, blinking?
Yes, with our remote control, which comes in every order (yes, for free!), your light will be able to dim, brighten, and glow in different modes, including flickering.

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General Questions

How are LED neon signs made?
Our neon signs are handmade using LED flex neon strips on an acrylic backing.

Are LED neon signs safe and do they consume a lot of Energy?
Our LED neon signs have no glass that easily breaks, no neon gas, no mercury, won't buzz, produce relatively no heat, and about 10 times more energy-efficient than the traditional glass neon signs, which make them safe to use in your home, office or store.

How long will LED neon signs last?
An absolute answer would be 50,000 hours, approximately 5 to 7 years, but it depends greatly on the environment. The variables are heat, electrical surges, supplies, humidity and frequency of use.

Can I adjust the brightness of LED neon signs?
Yes, with our remote control, which comes in every order (yes, for free!), your light will be able to dim, brighten, and glow in different modes, including flickering and blinking.

Can I use LED neon signs outdoors?
Standard neon signs are not waterproof, but of course you can use it outdoor as long as they don’t get wet. A waterproof Neon sign that could be used in wet weathers, could be made through selecting the “outdoor option” in the purchase section.

Do LED neon signs come with warranty?
Our LED neon signs include a 12 months warranty for indoor signs and 6 months for outdoor neon signs. It covers the product and electric components used in appropriate course of action. It does not cover damages occurred during installation and uninstallation. Photos and videos will be requested in order for us to better evaluate the issue.

Would the colors of the product be absolutely the same as the images on my devices?
There would be a slight discoloration. The color may not be fully the same as what is displayed on the images, coloration may also vary according to the different devices you use.

What’s inside the box?
In the box, you will find: your neon sign, dimmer, remote control, power adapter, installation kit of your choice (wall mounting, sign hanging or 3M command strips).

How long is the cord?
The electric chord is 1.5 meters long, with a converter chord that is 2 meters long. Every extra meter you add in the length, would cost 1 dollar (USD). Please write it in the “note” section.

What is a backing/backboard?
LED neon signs are handmade by attaching LED flex neon strips on an acrylic or PVC backing. We have four backing options, including:
1. Cut to shape: cut around the pattern
2. Cut to letter: nearly invisible
3. Full board: rectangle acrylic board
4. Standee: Free standing

How do I hang/wall mount my LED neon sign?
In every package, we will provide an installation kit of your choice, wall mounting, sign hanging or 3M command strips. Holes are pre-drilled based on your selected installation option. 3M command strips can also be used without drilling holes on the wall, but please be sure to check if your wall is suitable first.

Shipping & Returns

How long can I get my neon sign after I place my order?
Standard Orders: Production+shipping takes 15-20 days after order placed.
Rush Orders (Additional Cost): Production+shipping takes 10-15 days after order placed.

Do you ship worldwide?
We offer free shipping worldwide for standard orders, but for some Islands and difficult access territories, extra charges may apply. All orders are tracked and insured.
Though we offer free shipping worldwide, you are responsible for the customs fees, import fees, duties or taxes. Every region has corresponding regulations and import policies. It is recommended for you to be aware of your own country’s import policies and required fees, before you purchase from us. We do not charge you these fees and are also not able to cover them either.

How do I check my order status?
Order status can be checked through track your order with your order number and email address. Once your LED neon sign is shipped, we will also send you your tracking number.

What is your returns policy?
We offer 14 days return policy for pre-designed products, but customized and sales/clearance products are not eligible for returns, except for faulty products.
For more information, please see our return policy.

What if my sign came broken?
If your product is damaged or lost during shipping or has a defect of some kind, your product will be fixed or replaced free of charge.